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Discover The Secret “$1K Per Day Facebook Formula" That
Changes Everything, Like Jennifer Gibat And Many Others. Jenn Has Earned Over
$13,000 Dollars Without Spending A Penny On Paid Advertising! 
Rick Bell
Skype: Rick.Bell30

Hi, I'm Rick and I'd like to congratulate you for wanting to create a quality lifestyle of freedom and abundance. You've definitely come to the right place. I only have a two spots this week for taking in new students. Let's get you going!

I've been marketing online for over 5 years now and I was STUCK for serveral of those years on a $4k to $5k per month income levels. That's before I met a team of experts that helped me learn how to earn an incredible $1K Per Day using some simple and free ad steps using Facebook.

 Our Mentor, Darren Little mastered this $1K Per Day Facebook Blueprint, and he generated $50,000 within just 3 weeks, with ZERO spending on paid advertising...Now that's incredible! There is a secret behind this.

Using this same strategy, our team will show you how you can also learn to start popping up $1k instant commissions to your Paypal account and we'll also show you how you can soon be earning a $10K monthly marketing budget for ANY NEW or existing business you want to pursue.

We've helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to completely change their lives in just 30 to 90 days. It can happen for you as well once you become a part of our team and get the right coaching.

Reach out to me on Facebook or skype and find out more on how you can transform your financial situation quickly and never ever have to worry about money again. This can be your new path to prosperity.

I would like to help you change your life today!
Results of Jennifer and Students
Bonus #1 - Live Mentoring with Jennifer ($2,000 Value)
You are going to get access to LIVE weekly group mentoring calls with Jennifer where you will learn the behind the scene secrets that allow other members to make $50,000 + in 5 months, with our latest updates, and strategies that are working the best.

You'll be able to watch how Jennifer recruits people LIVE right before your eyes and makes $1,000 dollar commissions, and you'll be able to ask any questions, interact and get feedback to fast track your results. It's like getting private mentoring from the comfort of your home.
Bonus #2- - $1K Per Day With Inspiring Leaders Community 
($4,000 Value)
The 7 Figure Formula: How To Go From Zero To $50,000 A Month!

- Magical Chatting Recruiting Scripts
- Underlying Psychological Triggers That Will Magnetically Attract People To Do Business With You
- Exactly How To Have People Join Your Business Easily In Less Than 30 Minutes
- How To Create A Breakthrough In Your Income
- How To Deeply Connect With Your Prospects
- How To Automate Your Posting To Facebook Groups & Generate Leads and Friend Request On       Autopilot
- How To Build Rapport With Prospects Without Even Talking To Them

Bonus #3 - 1 Hour Kickstarter Call With Rick Bell with a One -on-One
(As Soon As You Start)
($997 Value)
Having someone to personally get you started and give you that jump start and guidance is something that 97% of the industry never receive.

With me, you will get a 1 hour start up call and I will personally give you my success plan with step by step guidance to get things moving in the right direction.

Getting the right information that works will change everything. You will quickly learn that being able to deliver incredible value makes you worth millions of dollars to your clients.

Marketing is a skill that has to be learned. If you are self taught you could easily miss what others are having success with. Don't try to reinvent the wheel!

And don't ever give up. Talk today with an expert in the internet marketing world so you can gain the results our team is having.

Bonus #4 - Ongoing Support From Freedom Lifestyle Marketing Facebook group and chat  ($ 1,000 Value)

You are going to get 24/7 support inside our private Freedom Lifestyle movement group, you will never feel like you are doing it all alone. Get access to your mentors every day.

You will get access to all of our marketing campaigns, the graphics we use, the copy that you can swipe and deploy to help you start popping $1,000 commissions daily.  

Everything you need to succeed is shared shared inside this group.

Bonus #5 - Black-Ops Millionaire Mentoring ($10,000 Value) 

Having a personal millionaire mentor is something that everybody is needs. Having a mentor also the fastest way to cut costly mistakes and help you shortcut your learning curve from years to just a short 30 to 90 days... You will get direct access to one of my greatest millionaire mentors.. Darren. This is rich and a serious way to a completely life changing new world to live in.

Bonus #6 - A Complete High-Converting Funnel Done For You!!!
($ 1,000 Value) 
Do I Need Any Technical Skills?

- No, we will give you the funnels to use and everything you need to succeed.

- If you can post on Facebook and chat with people, you can do this business.

Is There Any Additional Investment Needed After I Join?  

- There are no monthly fees and there are no upsells. It’s $299/year of $99/Quarter for Exitus Elite Membership and $1,050 1 time payment for Genesis Elite library.

- There is no additional money needed to buy traffic.

- All additional online tools, mentoring and traffic can be useful, but not required to make profits.

How Fast Can I Start Making Money? 

- It will depend on you, how coachable you are, how much effort you put in, your mindset and consistency.

- How fast are you going to step into leadership? It’s up to you.

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